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Diagnosing the problems of your Air-conditioner

There are a lot of things that can happen in an air conditioning system. Having one will make your mind crazy. These issues can occur anytime of the day at any given day. For you to be able to successfully troubleshoot your air conditioning problems, here are simple steps we have formulated to make your life a little easier.


Make sure to make your assessment. See first if there is a need for troubleshooting. You might think your air conditioning system is broken only to find out there is a power interruption or the unit is unplugged. Do not make assumptions. Start the most basic things at home. First the electrical supply, then wiring and lastly, the unit. Assessment is to know what you are dealing with by eliminating any external factors. This is very important in fixing anything, especially in dealing with appliances at home.

Know where to look

You have to know the parts of your air conditioner. Knowing the normal function of an air conditioners part can help you differentiate it from having an abnormal function. Knowing your parts is one key element to issue resolution. When you know the parts, you would know where to look. To know what you are looking for is also another thing. You will never know what is wrong when you do not know what is right in the first place. Your attentiveness to details will come into handy when dealing with machines. You can start checking the on and off button, then compare the thermostat to the pumped air. If it is pumping air that is not cool and the thermostat is properly set, you might suspect the condenser and the condensing coil. You can also check the motors and the belts if the mechanism is not working.


Fixing parts of air conditioning system seems complicated but it does not have to be. There are parts of the air conditioner that you can easily deal with such as the fans. Clearly, fans needs cleaning constantly so they are the easiest to fix. Other parts might need you to do a little research. You can also rely on the user’s manual of the appliance. This way, you will be able to troubleshoot tiny problems without wasting a dime.

Who to call

Make sure you know who to call when all other attempts fails. There are limits to what we can do a layman and there are a lot of skilled technician out there ready to help us in need. These technicians can very well help us resolve issues without air condition system. There are services that are offered in low pricing range and there are targeted fixing as well. Targeted fixing simply has to fix a specific issue of your air conditioning unit. This means they will not touch anything else in your air condition system besides the part that needs fixing. They will not be cleaning the fan or the tubing.

These are few things you can do yourself in diagnosing your air conditioners issues. These helpful tips are the easiest and simplest there is. I hope you can now check your own air conditioning system without freting. For more, visit AS Aircon Servicing.

Little History of DHPE

About DHPE

DHPE in a few lines

It is: professional, accelerated, feasible and affordable.

Professional; focuses mainly on professional skills, rather than abstract theories, highly needed for medical educators like teaching/learning skills, curriculum design, and students’ assessment.

Accelerated; 44-week.

Feasible; mainly a distance learning course that allows students to stay in their home institutions and learn interactively through e-learning.

It costs only $ 2000 which covers the tuition fees, books, and evaluation and certification costs.

Description of DHPE

• The DHPE is an annual 44-week credit-hour based program, conducted through distance learning.

• It is formed of 7 blocks, six weeks each. In each of the units, various contributing disciplines are organized around a central theme.

• The overall theme of the curriculum, which provides coherence to the program as a whole, will be ‘The competencies required for an educationalist in the health professions domain’.

Who are we?

The Faculty of Medicine of Suez Canal University (FOM-SCU) is a community Oriented/Based, Problem-Based, Student-Centered School. It has a reputable history in the field of medical education since 1977. It has provided a repository for resources such as consultants, innovative curricula, data sets, syllabi and instructional material to a number of HPEI in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean Region. In 1987, in was declared as WHO Collaborating Center in Medical Education and continued to be so till now. In 2010, it was declared by the Egyptian National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education as the first accredited higher education institution in Egypt.

In 2001, the Medical Education Department at the Suez Canal University (MED-SCU) was established. It was the first department to be founded in medical education in all the Egyptian universities and the Arab Region. MED-SCU addresses the challenges and threats to the delivery of proper medical education and provides Diplomas, Masters, and PhDs in health professions education, as well as short-term training courses. Goodbye…. The Eighth batch fellows of the Diploma of Health Professions Education (DHPE) who graduated December 2016 in the main Conference Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University. Welcome… The 9th batch fellows of DHPE who started the program on Saturday, October 8th, 2016.