CoolEarth Aircon Review

A one stop air-conditioning company now operates in Singapore. Cool Earth has a complete set of services for clients who need them in Singapore whether it’s a small window type at home or a 10-ton air-conditioning system for big buildings.

In terms of aircon servicing, they have worked with hundreds of clients within the country. For several years, Singaporeans have come to their shop getting a high quality of service for their AC units to keep their houses or buildings cooler in the tropical climate.

Aircon services together with long-time industry experience is what built the reputation of Cool Earth aircon servicing in Singapore. They have become one of the go-to aircon specialists for Singaporeans whether for repairs or just some simple AC system advice.

With the summer heat hitting the urban setting, it becomes even more important to prevent the AC from breaking down. Customers and homeowners want to keep their homes cool all throughout the summer to gain maximum comfort.

It is a problem when you turn on your air-conditioner and you see that it’s not doing its job. Even worse, a complete shutdown would mean you won’t have a cooling system for days. You’ll be tossing and turning on your bed especially when you can’t sleep without an AC.

This is when a company like Cool Earth comes in because they can deliver the right services to get you AC system running back up again. The best thing about their services is that their technicians can fix your aircon to make it run smoothly again plus they charge some of the lowest rates in the city.

When we talk about a complete AC solutions company, Cool Earth comes to mind because they have excellent methods for finding out what’s wrong with your unit. Troubleshooting and diagnostic will be the basis for the repair or maintenance work needed to get unit up and running again.

As one of their many services, the biggest one yet is the compressor replacement service. It is the part that generates air for cooling in your unit and the company has them in stock with technician’s ready to install them to replace your faulty compressor if the diagnosis requires it.

General maintenance is one of the more commonly done services by Cool Earth. It is a routine maintenance work that keeps AC systems running at optimum conditions. Clients can select a general service plan to set a preferred schedule for aircon maintenance. They also have on-call technicians that will be there to do maintenance work if hired by a customer.

Chemical cleaning is another service that is very useful when your AC system doesn’t effectively cool the air anymore. It flushes out clogging particles and removes bacteria to allow the efficient movement inside the unit essentially cooling the room even better.

The tips section on the Cool Earth website has developed into a great resource for people looking to read about AC systems. They hand out advice on the most bought AC types in the city. It also contains expert tips on aircon maintenance, new product offers, and simple caring tips for your system.

Cool Earth has become a true complete aircon service company which caters to both their Singaporean clients and their online audience. You can find out more about their host of services and get more in-depth aircon servicing tips by following Cool Earth Facebook.

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